Foxwin gives value to the most important asset of any organization: People.

Our aim is to make people and organisations more
attentive to working well-being and environmental sustainability.


Our team

Our team isn’t a hierarchy, but a group of people create innovation in methods and ways of thinking through their own experience and their desire to work together. With Foxwin, we don’t simply provide a digital platform, we help our clients develop organisations which are more liberal and fluid with a shared mission, in line with the Teal principles.

  • Filippo

    CEO & Founder Linkedin

    Filippo Causero

    CEO & Founder

  • Anna
    De Odorico


    Anna De Odorico


  • Silvia

    Key Account ManagerLinkedin

    Silvia Ronco

    Key Account Manager

  • Lorenzo

    Communication Manager Linkedin

    Lorenzo D'Andrea

    Communication Manager

  • Stefano

    Labour Consultant Linkedin

    Stefano Vivian

    Labour Consultant

  • Diego

    Systemic ConsultantLinkedin

    Diego Berton

    Systemic Consultant

  • Alessandro

    Innovation ManagerLinkedin

    Alessandro Galante

    Innovation Manager

  • Andrea
    De Colle

    ESG ConsultantLinkedin

    Andrea De Colle

    ESG Consultant

Good practices. Applied.

Handbook Foxwin


The people who work at Foxwin every day represent our true value, and not only for their valuable operational contribution. Because together they have helped to create a corporate culture based on shared principles, values and practices. How have we done this? Through our Employee Handbook, a guide for every employee to experience work at its best.

Impact Report

Impact Report

At the beginning of 2020, we decided to transform ourselves into a Benefit Society in order to pursue not only profit goals, but also goals of benefit to society. This is why we are constantly striving to spread a new organisational culture and are curious to find new ways of valuing people in organisations.

B-corp logo

We are a certified B-Corp

We are proud to be part of this global movement of people and organisations that see their business as a tool to create systemic benefit. With B Corp certification, we reinforce our ongoing commitment to take responsibility for our impact on people and the planet.

Job opportunities

We want to contribute to the creation of a world where everyone has the opportunity to express their ideas and turn them into positive values and successful innovations. An environment where it is good to work and live together, without mental or hierarchical barriers, in an atmosphere of continuous personal and professional development.

The value of collaboration

Our network of professionals, to ensure a complete and satisfactory service

DOF Consulting

DOF supports companies in change processes, operating both in presence and at a distance, to facilitate transformation processes. DOF focuses on facilitating processes related to Digital transformation, Smart ways of working and emerging competence models.

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Peoplerise is a catalyst, developer and facilitator of transformation of innovative projects concerning people and organisations.

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HIDRA società benefit

We are a benefit company experienced in accompanying companies in strategic innovation paths based on the principles of sustainability Profit, People, Planet.
Visit the website A future-proof model.

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Lean Experience Factory

Lean Experience Factory 4.0 is an experiential training centre based in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), born in 2011 from the joint venture between McKinsey & Company and Unindustria Pordenone, Confindustria Udine, Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone, Consorzio Ponte Rosso, CCIAA di Pordenone.

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Smart Engagement Network

Have you ever heard of the Smart Engagement Network?

The Smart Engagement Network is an Enterprise Network created to help organisations evolve and become creative, innovative, enjoyable and sustainable communities by facilitating people development.

We do this by combining technological and experiential facilitation and by accompanying organisations in the development of their people.

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