Shape the ideas that spread well-being in your organization.

We are more than a software. We help companies, associations and public institutions in selecting ideas and turn them into concrete projects, generating value.


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Find out how you can use the software

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Who did it with us

Companies and organizations from different sectors are innovating thanks to the ideas gathered in Foxwin

Credit Agricole
banca di udine
Europa Tourist Group

Beyond the software, the human capital

We help organizations find their why . And we do it with their workers.

"Foxwin has allowed us to organize our resources, our meetings and all the analysis of complex issues in a structured way."

Michele Nencioni - Confindustria Udine

What can you get with Foxwin?


Engage your colleagues

Identify the most proactive people and value human resources to reduce staff turnover.


Stay competitive on the market

Innovate with the contribution and ideas of customers and suppliers, with a tool dedicated to open innovation.


Reduce the costs and increase the revenue.

Create a challenge to solve the problems of the entire organization or a single department.


What can you do with it?

Every problem has its solution. Use the potential that your organization already has in its DNA and solve real problems.

società benefit

Let’s dream big

At the beginning of 2020, we decided to transform ourselves into a Benefit Corporation, in order to pursue not just profit goals, but also goals to benefit society.
We are constantly involved in the promotion of a new organisational culture and we are curious to find new ways of valuing people within businesses.