In this space we answer the most common questions to problems that a user may encounter in the software.

If you use Google Chrome on a PC, in the 75.xxx version, in some cases you may not be able to see some information of the app. This happens due to some settings on the cookies you have activated.

How can I disable them?
From the PC, access the Chrome settings by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the page.
In the settings window, scroll to the bottom and open the advanced settings.
In the “Privacy and security” section, open the site settings and then the section on cookies.
You will see the “Block third-party cookies” option active.

This prevents Microsoft from sending any information to the app.
Alternatively, you can:

  1. Disable the blocking of third-party cookies (default setting)
  2. Keep the block by adding Microsoft to the list of sites to which you allow cookies.

In the second case, just go to the “Add” button in the allow section and enter the following address: https://login.microsoftonline.com/

Active cookies block with the exception of Microsoft

In addition to the main menu, in other parts of the software, you will also find writings where icons are usually found.

Proposal list without icons

This can happen for two reasons:
Your browser does not load the various site icons.
To solve this problem you just need to clear your browser’s cache and reload the page.
You have activated an automatic translation.
On Google Chrome you may have activated the automatic page translation plug-in. In that case, deactivate the translation for the site in the plugin options. At the top right of the window click on the translator icon and choose “show options”, then check the “never translate this site” entry. Reload the page and the icons should appear instead of the writing.

Google translator is installed automatically in certain cases

If you are an evaluator the Foxwin Filter is activated by default by the system. You still have the option to remove this automatism by going to your profile. In the settings tab, the “Foxwin Filter” section allows you to activate or deactivate this function.


If the software does not allow you to vote, publish new ideas or interact with the content, probably your role on the platform has not yet been defined. Acess to your profile, in the role section check if you are an inventor, a promoter or an evaluator. If you have no role, contact your IT administrator.

If you need to rediscover your expired idea, know that it is not deleted by Foxwin. Disappear from the list of active ideas and ends up in the archive. To access the archive, just click on the dedicated section in the side menu.

If while you were publishing the idea from the phone you had the computer open on the list of ideas probably your idea was created but the computer has not yet loaded it. You will have to reload the page to view it!

Of course! Our service staff is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You can contact us at: support@foxwin.eu