The Municipality of Bergamo has understood that involving employees means innovating. And not only.


Valuing people: an Italian story.

We often hear about the public administration that is unable to keep up with the times.
Public employees are often referred to as non-profit, absenteeism or even scammers.
Often they are considered incapable or worse unwanted to take the Res publica to heart.

We are often wrong.

We believe that in any organization the true added value is people. And the case of the City of Bergamo is explanatory. Because thanks to people, specifically to employees of the Public Administration, thanks to an Administration able to believe in their potential, the Municipality in a year has been able to save almost 50 thousand euros. Few valid ideas were enough to optimize processes and make employees happy and satisfied with citizens.
A victory for everyone. It is a story that must be told because it is based on the same principles on which we founded our company.





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