How Could the Coronavirus Crisis Change How We Work?

This year, the coronavirus epidemic has swept the world, forcing thousands of people to work from home, turning their routines and ways of living upside down. But could this crisis pave the way towards a positive revolution for the world of work?   Working from home in the European Union According to a 2019 study […]


Evolutionary Leadership | Teal Organisations

The theme addressed will be Teal Organisations, which will be introduced live by Filippo Causero, Foxwin CEO. He will present the objectives of this cycle of events and will interview Francesco Mondora, Co-CEO of Mondora. The programme will then be carried out involving all locations with interventions and facilitation from local experts. Teal Organisations are […]


Awareness is Teal

In 2016, I read a book which catapulted me on to the path of company formation: Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux. The book tells of 12 companies, from different sectors and countries, which have completed changed their own internal organisation in the past 50 years. Laloux defines them as the final stage of the evolution […]

Organizzazioni Teal e Benefit Corporations

Teal organizations and Benefit Corporations

Do you know B-Corp and Teal organizations? In America both the Teal organizations and the B-Corp have already taken hold and, little by little, are also growing in Italy. According to Wikipedia, a Benefit corporation, or B-Corp, is: “A legal status admitted in some American states and in Italy as a Benefit Company, designed for […]

teal organisations

What Are Benefit Corporations and Teal Organisations?

What are benefit corporations and Teal organisations? In America, both types of organisations have already taken hold, and, little by little, are also growing in Italy. According to Wikipedia, a benefit corporation (B-Corp, or Società Benefit in Italian) is: “a type of for-profit corporate entity, authorised by 35 U.S states that includes positive impact on […]