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Patterns of Inadequate Management

Either we are underestimating this or pretending not to see it. But it is a fact.     Work relationships between people and companies are not marriages. Fewer and fewer employees (especially those born in the past 35 years) are willing to ‘waste’ their time if they feel their work is not significant.   Certainly, […]

Surviving Business Infidelity (The Importance of Talent Retention)

The Business Holy Grail: Talent Retention The ultimate ability for businesses in the twenty-first century is the capacity to attract and maintain the talent of people who live, work and evolve in a company. Individuals who, at a certain point, due to ambition or personal needs, need a change of scenery, leaving the business without […]

job satisfaction

Job Satisfaction: Objective and Subjective Factors

The following article aims to describe the ways in which national politico-economic factors, social aspects of internal business management and individual working attitudes contribute to satisfaction in the workplace; and how this job satisfaction itself is a phenomenon which, if present, can be translated into quantifiable value for organisations. European Union Statistics There are numerous […]