Two Powerful and Fundamental Actions (which we have forgotten) – In Search of Our Why

Many businesses and many people who work in business often forget two fundamental actions for changing the results of their own activities. We mainly concentrated on figures and, thus, the uncertainty in market dynamics, we are preoccupied with numbers: costs, margins, variables, profits, investments, salaries, deadlines, predictions.   But beyond this, is there still space […]

foxwin opportunities

3 Opportunities which Foxwin Can Offer You

Foxwin offers 3 opportunities to improve your business:   Introducing innovation In an ever-evolving world, it is difficult to remain competitive without changing. Customers’ needs change, as do the ideas of co-workers ready to grab new opportunities. Foxwin is the online platform designed to make ideas visible, select them and transform them into real projects […]


10 Problems that Foxwin solves

Foxwin has developed a methodology and a platform to enhance the human capital of organizations and solve problems. Finally, the ideas of the employees will no longer be wasted! Foxwin, in fact, allows all members of the company to submit their ideas, overcoming hierarchical and logistical barriers, saving precious time in order to generate a […]