HR Manager

Foxwin Interviews: Cristina Nosella

  Cristina Nosella HR Manager at CGN Services. Today we are interviewing Cristina Nosella, HR Manager at CGN Services   So, what does the responsibility managing people within CGN Services mean to you? CRISTINA: I interpret my role as a mission, because I am convinced that it is about developing human resources within the business, […]

joint engagement

Joint Engagement of Staff: An Essential Resource for Recovery

Joint engagement of workers is a resource available to companies for providing bonuses and services to workers and for taking advantage of tax benefits. It is an essential resource for restarting after an economic or social crisis, which enables tax cuts and worker engagement simultaneously. To restart quickly. And together.   The joint engagement of […]


Two Powerful and Fundamental Actions Pt.2: Going with the Flow

So we’ve talked about the search for a why, and now for the second action we have forgotten: the capacity to go with the flow.   The capacity to go with the flow After searching for a why, the second action which can change the results of our habits is the upheaval of our daily […]

job satisfaction

Job Satisfaction: Objective and Subjective Factors

The following article aims to describe the ways in which national politico-economic factors, social aspects of internal business management and individual working attitudes contribute to satisfaction in the workplace; and how this job satisfaction itself is a phenomenon which, if present, can be translated into quantifiable value for organisations. European Union Statistics There are numerous […]

What about the client in the innovation process?

Here’s a useful to question to ask yourself so you can understand the difference between what is simply an idea and what could be transformed into a process of innovation: “Innovation,” a term now so over-inflated that reactions to it reach a fever-pitch. Depending on the case, this term can turn into a miraculous mantra, […]

Introducing Foxwin

Speed up your ideas with Foxwin!     Ideas are the motor which make companies unique. Business structure, while useful to management and control, does not allow innovative ideas to circulate freely and produce value for the company. Foxwin collects these ideas. Foxwin offers a virtual platform which provides businesses with a system from developing […]

staff engagement

Staff Engagement in Continuous Innovation

Staff engagement in refreshing business processes makes the business more meritocratic and productivity. Why is staff engagement so important? Businesses which do not involve their own staff in revitalising their organisation risk facing three big problems: Offering products or services lagging behind the competition. The market is constantly changing, and it is difficult for administrators […]

teal organisations

What Are Benefit Corporations and Teal Organisations?

What are benefit corporations and Teal organisations? In America, both types of organisations have already taken hold, and, little by little, are also growing in Italy. According to Wikipedia, a benefit corporation (B-Corp, or Società Benefit in Italian) is: “a type of for-profit corporate entity, authorised by 35 U.S states that includes positive impact on […]