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Story of a Fox: Lorenzo Longo

lorenzo longo


“Over time I’ve become more and more passionate about the human relations aspect of organisations.”


My name is Lorenzo Longo, I am 26 and was born and raised in Udine. I have lived in Trieste for 5 years and study Economics and Business Strategy. When I think back to the start of my university career, I see someone completely different to the person I am today. When I left school, I had loads of doubts and no idea what my ‘vocation’ would be, nor a job to which I could dedicate all my passion and commitment.

The first years at university were an experimentation phase, where fortunately (thanks to my dad who has always supported me) I had the chance to try, to make mistakes, to fall and get back up. I began with a preference for the more scientific and mathematical aspects of economics, but over time I’ve become even more passionate about the human relations aspect of organisations.


Improving the Working Environment

Experience of part-time bar work confirmed to me that those environments had become my main interest: I always tried to understand how the working environment could be improved and the work made simpler, more stimulating, and more efficient. I was more interested that things worked well, and that people were happy than in doing my tasks.

Then, one day during a meeting organised by Trieste University, I was lucky enough to meet Filippo Causero, Foxwin’s CEO and founder. From the passion in his voice as he talked about his little start-up, his ideas and organisations which aspire to a higher level of awareness, I understood that that would be the ideal environment in which I could work on my degree thesis.

What attracted me to Foxwin was the ‘innovation culture’ they were cultivating and the trust in everybody’s abilities to contribute meaningful and constructive ideas to the organisation. According to this business, people’s know-how and creativity – when well supported and directed – can be transformed into a movement which promotes, sustains, and feeds an ‘innovative revolution.’


A Teal Encounter

So, as soon as I was done with exams, I came to knock on Foxwin’s door, asking for the chance to collaborate for my thesis. I had found a fantastic working environment, where everyone had a great attitude and a concrete example of how a so-called Teal organisation can not only work but can be very efficient.

Since then, I have found out more about the functionality and ideas behind the Foxwin software, its potentials and the goals to be pursued with it. I have become increasingly passionate about both the company and the product, finding many of my own personal values here. At this point, I’m very satisfied to be continuing this experience, with the hope of being able to forge even stronger and more profitable relationships in the future.