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Story of a Fox: Cristiano Toffoletti

cristiano toffoletti

The sum of every human actions and expression determines what we define as culture.


My name is Cristiano Toffoletti, I live in  Udine, am 31 years old and have been passionate about cultural anthropology for the past 10 years.

What fascinates me is the immense variety of ways people live, given that every individual way of life is the product of a personal story. Which, in turn, is product of a network of relations with other people who surround us. Which, in turn, is the product of our social, political, and geographical context.

The sum of every human actions and expression determines what we define as culture, inside which our identity and behaviour are constructed, consciously or otherwise.


Evolution: From Anthropology to Technology

When one of my close friends told me about Foxwin for the first time, it was little more than an idea. An idea whose potential, however, resonating deeply with me.

I sensed that, with Foxwin, it would be possible to channel the powerful flow of human creativity towards useful goals and results. My friend’s mission was clear: a reality in which people put their ingenuity to good use, to improve the working environment and become engaged. You can image the benefits of this for employees and organisations.

I decided to become part of this project along with other members. First of all, we established that the organisation would have to be as ‘flat’ (non-hierarchical) as possible, using this as the starting point for creating a working environment with healthy relationships between those involved. We therefore assigned ourselves roles but above all, we found that we shared the same core values. At that point, Foxwin was born.


Adapting and Trusting in the Future

Working at Foxwin has been a great challenge for me: my disciplinary background in anthropology, not in too much harmony with the software-development sphere, characterises the Foxwin product in practice.

However, I was aware that, although highly technological, Foxwin was still a tool to help people generate wellbeing. It therefore also required a deep sensitivity in understanding how people would use it, for their own goals or for those of the organisation.

It was precisely around this idea which I built my role, adapting my knowledge to it and developing the necessary skills. It was a real test, which led me to collaborate with professionals who spoke completely different “languages” to me and with whom I had to connect.


Recognising Difficulty and Satisfaction

I’ve always had the feeling that our team have a very clear image of the product which we are developing, but each one of us has some difficulty expressing it. This awareness has helped me a lot and the long time spent honing both concepts and computer codes did the rest.

We were able to harmonise our forma mentis and our modus operandi and the result is Foxwin: a software of which we are very proud and that offers ‘future solutions’ to our clients.