Staff Engagement in Continuous Innovation

staff engagement

Staff engagement in refreshing business processes makes the business more meritocratic and productivity.

Why is staff engagement so important?

Businesses which do not involve their own staff in revitalising their organisation risk facing three big problems:

  1. Offering products or services lagging behind the competition. The market is constantly changing, and it is difficult for administrators to be aware of every new client need. For this reason, it is essential that all co-workers have the chance to identify and seize opportunities for improving the business.
  2. Letting go of talents within the business who do not feel able to reach their full potential. People are satisfied with the work they do when they can do their best. Very often, this just doesn’t happen! Gary Hamel, professor at the London Business School, explains in his book The Future of Management (available on Amazon) that 80% of people do not feel involved in their work and defines this phenomenon as “the shame of management.”
  3. Having a slow and problematic internal organisation, distant from real management needs. People aren’t averse to change; they are averse to enforced change. It is for this reason that top-down initiatives do not obtain the expected results.

Foxwin is the first Italian start-up company specialising in continuous innovation, a process of improvement derived from the idea of bottom-up.

We help businesses make their internal processes more efficient, refresh their products and services and engage their staff more.

Foxwin has developed a cloud platform to collect and carry out co-workers’ ideas: an application which updates the old suggestion box, transforming innovation into a structured process in which everyone can take part.

How will Foxwin help your business engage its staff?

Through internal communication applications, we will accompany you through the creation of a new internal process with the goal of involving staff in the activity of renewing organisational processes, making your business more meritocratic and productive.

Foxwin will help you in creating a successful contest for innovative ideas, supported by our intuitive software, which is available on all devices, in the office or at home. How many times have you come up with a great idea while walking or showering? With Foxwin, all you have to do is pull out your smartphone and post your idea, instantly reaching others in the business who have the right skills to realise it.

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