5 ways to motivate and engage your employees

Engagement of employees not only makes work more satisfying, but is also convenient In the next 5 points we explain why it is better to involve your collaborators and how to do it. Enjoy the reading

Coinvolgimento del pesonale

Employees engagement in continuous innovation

The employees engagement in business process improvement activities makes organizations more meritocratic and productive. Why is employee engagement so important? Companies that do not involve their employees in innovation activities risk facing three major problems:


H&S Manager, are we sure we know all the risks we run in the company?

Thanks to the Foxwin Safety Module you can help your company to know the dangers thanks to the collaboration of everyone. One of the H&S Manager’s tasks is to constantly and promptly inform the employer about the dangers and consequent risks present in the company. In the context of the Prevention and Protection Service, we […]

10 Problems which Foxwin Solves

Foxwin has developed a methodology and platform for enhancing and developing human capital in organisations and for finding solutions to problems. At last, ideas from co-workers won’t be wasted! Indeed, Foxwin gives all team members the chance to submit their own ideas, overcoming hierarchical and logistical barriers and saving precious time while generating a process […]


H&S Manager, do you know all the risks in your business?

One of the tasks of the health and safety manager is constantly and promptly informing the employer of dangers and resulting risks present within the business. Within the prevention and protection service, we know that gathering information about risks within processes isn’t always easy. At times, staff fear potential retribution if they highlight criticism, or […]

staff engagement

Staff Engagement in Continuous Innovation

Staff engagement in refreshing business processes makes the business more meritocratic and productivity. Why is staff engagement so important? Businesses which do not involve their own staff in revitalising their organisation risk facing three big problems: Offering products or services lagging behind the competition. The market is constantly changing, and it is difficult for administrators […]

teal organisations

What Are Benefit Corporations and Teal Organisations?

What are benefit corporations and Teal organisations? In America, both types of organisations have already taken hold, and, little by little, are also growing in Italy. According to Wikipedia, a benefit corporation (B-Corp, or Società Benefit in Italian) is: “a type of for-profit corporate entity, authorised by 35 U.S states that includes positive impact on […]


10 Problems that Foxwin solves

Foxwin has developed a methodology and a platform to enhance the human capital of organizations and solve problems. Finally, the ideas of the employees will no longer be wasted! Foxwin, in fact, allows all members of the company to submit their ideas, overcoming hierarchical and logistical barriers, saving precious time in order to generate a […]


Hi, we are Foxwin

This is an idea. Ideas are the engine that makes companies unique. Corporate structure, however useful when speaking from a management point of view, does not necessarily allow for a free flowing system of ideas. Foxwin helps gather these ideas.