H&S Manager, are we sure we know all the risks we run in the company?


Thanks to the Foxwin Safety Module you can help your company to know the dangers thanks to the collaboration of everyone.
One of the H&S Manager’s tasks is to constantly and promptly inform the employer about the dangers and consequent risks present in the company.
In the context of the Prevention and Protection Service, we know that collecting information on risks in processes is not always easy. Sometimes the staff is afraid of possible retaliation in case of critical issues, or, more simply, does not like to shine.

The observations of the operators are instead fundamental for the H&S Manager since their daily contact with the operations to be performed, and with the company organization, greatly increases the coverage of the particular cases of risk to which they may be exposed. Not to mention that often, if the report can not be done promptly, it falls into oblivion …

With Foxwin, the solution is at your fingertips

The solution is to equip oneself with an easy, immediate and anonymous tool that allows the reporting by breaking down the communication barriers and allows to be always updated on the facts with the full involvement of everyone.
To achieve this important result, the Innovation Management software platform Foxwin makes the “Security” module available to the company. The application is suitable for all areas of the organization and finds an excellent use for the Safety and Health management. Thanks to this tool it is possible to obtain an anonymous report from each participant in the improvement projects as well as the possible opinion of the colleagues.
It will be the responsibility of the service managers to collect, analyze and evaluate these important information and then proceed with any improvement plans or to address the issue with the staff and explain the company’s point of view decreasing internal tensions (risks, work related stress, etc ).
These ideas must find a project management integrated in the company, but it will remain an idea born from the engagement of all the staff, set up by the managers and advantageous for the organization.

To have these advantages you just have to try the application and do not hesitate to contact us at info@foxwin.eu.