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Hi, we are Foxwin


This is an idea.

Ideas are the engine that makes companies unique.

Corporate structure, however useful when speaking from a management point of view, does not necessarily allow for a free flowing system of ideas.

Foxwin helps gather these ideas.

We offer a virtual platform that provides companies with a system to allow development and flow of ideas where everyone can contribute.

It works like a social network. Initiatives are shared inside the application, either by leaving full space for individual creativity or by following specific requirements.

Every user will be able to see and vote for anybody’s suggestions, but only the best can become an innovative project.

Thanks to its intuitive and fresh interface, our virtual platform always comes in handy, and allows the user to keep on being part of the idea development process, especially in their most creative moments.

Foxwin rewards and involves the user by increasing motivation and productivity.

This easy and efficient system is a valuable asset that can bring about continuous savings for the company.

By connecting the right ideas with the right proficiency, Foxwin drives the evolution of ideas from birth to completion.

Foxwin… value to your ideas.

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