Foxwin Interviews: Oscar di Montigny

For our first Fox Interview, we thought of Oscar Di Montigny.

At the Banca Mediolanum offices, Enrico Chiari discussed various topics with Oscar: the incredible time in which we live, fusing innovation and sustainability, spiritual education in businesses, the everlasting role of education, and a sense of gratitude.

Challenging questions and powerful answers – 21st century conversations, as we like to say.

What does sustainable innovation mean?

What tools do we have to spread the mantra that no economic return will last long-term if it is not accompanied by a social return?

What tools d we have to show today’s entrepreneurs that it is essential to contemplate, process, and fuel this awareness on an organisational level?

How can we destroy the mental status quo which reserves these values as simply personal things?


Some extracts:

“Business must develop awareness of being an organism which affects and impacts on the community, must be aware that it can no longer survive only by pursuing profit, it must also create a benefit not only for stakeholders and for the planet”

“Companies should have the strength to know how to regeneration through self-destruction. Everything which does not know how to regenerate, degenerates; if you don’t want to be destroyed by a competitor or by a new market or new business models or new generations or new modes of consumption, you need to know how to regenerate, you need to know how to do this before it happens. Otherwise, it is a reactive response to a problem which has already affected you”

“We are rude. We are uneducated and above all, as I said earlier, entering into a new time requires some time to understand the new scenario in which you find yourself. I believe that businesses are the organisms best adapted to manage change at this time.”




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