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The theme addressed will be Teal Organisations, which will be introduced live by Filippo Causero, Foxwin CEO. He will present the objectives of this cycle of events and will interview Francesco Mondora, Co-CEO of Mondora. The programme will then be carried out involving all locations with interventions and facilitation from local experts. Teal Organisations are an evolution of classical vertical considerations and are characterised by three specific elements:
  • An evolutionary purpose, with which workers can identify.
  • Wholeness, such that people can interact with each other humanly, not just professionally.
  • Self-organisation, to destroy obsolete fixed organisational hierarchies.
teal WHO IS IT FOR? This opportunity is open to everyone, particularly HR Managers, entrepreneurs, and business diretors who wish to experiment and perhaps to adopt practices for socio-professional improvement. It is specifically designed for those who:
  • Harbour a desire to generate positive influence in a socio-professional setting.
  • Are willing to get actively involved in processes with creative approaches.
  • Wish to improve social dynamics within organisations.
  Watch a preview here: