Surviving Business Infidelity (The Importance of Talent Retention)

The Business Holy Grail: Talent Retention The ultimate ability for businesses in the twenty-first century is the capacity to attract and maintain the talent of people who live, work and evolve in a company. Individuals who, at a certain point, due to ambition or personal needs, need a change of scenery, leaving the business without […]

Two Powerful and Fundamental Actions (which we have forgotten) – In Search of Our Why

Many businesses and many people who work in business often forget two fundamental actions for changing the results of their own activities. We mainly concentrated on figures and, thus, the uncertainty in market dynamics, we are preoccupied with numbers: costs, margins, variables, profits, investments, salaries, deadlines, predictions.   But beyond this, is there still space […]

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Transforming Staff Welfare into Value for the Organisation

Does staff welfare really work? The benefits associated with staff wellbeing in a business (also known as welfare) have become an important tool in helping businesses maximise their profits. Some of the results obtained are turnover reduction, productivity in increase and fewer workplace accidents. Do you know how useful investing in staff wellbeing is?   […]

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ROI for Human Resources: Measuring HR Results

How is staff engagement cost-effective? How can a Human Resources Manager measure it? Efficient management is always supported by good financial planning. Therefore, decisions relative to business investments must be base on detailed analysis which confirms the level of advantage from actions taken. It is crucial to take preventive measures and health programmes (such as […]