Awareness is Teal

In 2016, I read a book which catapulted me on to the path of company formation: Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux. The book tells of 12 companies, from different sectors and countries, which have completed changed their own internal organisation in the past 50 years. Laloux defines them as the final stage of the evolution […]

roberto trombetta

Story of a Fox: Roberto Trombetta

Happiness comes from knowing that the effects of what you have accomplished will benefit workers, their families, and their friends.   Things do not happen by chance. I left the company I used to work at because there was nothing there that really interested me. I broke the pact with myself of happily remaining a […]

lorenzo longo

Story of a Fox: Lorenzo Longo

  “Over time I’ve become more and more passionate about the human relations aspect of organisations.”   My name is Lorenzo Longo, I am 26 and was born and raised in Udine. I have lived in Trieste for 5 years and study Economics and Business Strategy. When I think back to the start of my […]

cristiano toffoletti

Story of a Fox: Cristiano Toffoletti

The sum of every human actions and expression determines what we define as culture.   My name is Cristiano Toffoletti, I live in  Udine, am 31 years old and have been passionate about cultural anthropology for the past 10 years. What fascinates me is the immense variety of ways people live, given that every individual […]

filippo causero

Story of a Fox: Filippo Causero

Hello everyone, My name is Filippo Causero and I am the founder of Foxwin. I decided to start this company following an experience which changed my life…for the best 😊 In 2014 I completed a Master’s in Business Administration at Turin’s School of Management S.A.F.M. (now called CDI Italia). This course is special as it […]

Introducing Foxwin

Speed up your ideas with Foxwin!     Ideas are the motor which make companies unique. Business structure, while useful to management and control, does not allow innovative ideas to circulate freely and produce value for the company. Foxwin collects these ideas. Foxwin offers a virtual platform which provides businesses with a system from developing […]

foxwin opportunities

3 Opportunities which Foxwin Can Offer You

Foxwin offers 3 opportunities to improve your business:   Introducing innovation In an ever-evolving world, it is difficult to remain competitive without changing. Customers’ needs change, as do the ideas of co-workers ready to grab new opportunities. Foxwin is the online platform designed to make ideas visible, select them and transform them into real projects […]


Hi, we are Foxwin

This is an idea. Ideas are the engine that makes companies unique. Corporate structure, however useful when speaking from a management point of view, does not necessarily allow for a free flowing system of ideas. Foxwin helps gather these ideas.