iceberg of ignorance

The Iceberg of Ignorance

It all started (so they say) in 1989 when consultant Sidney Yoshida published his study, entitled “The Iceberg of Ignorance.” Allegedly, Yoshida revealed what he saw in the work and leadership habits of Japanese car manufacturer, Calsonic.   The tip of the iceberg He discovered a poor distribution of power and information within the hierarchy. […]


5 Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Employees

Engaging staff not only makes work more satisfying, but it is also more cost-effective. In the following 5 points, we will explain why you might want to involve your workers and how to do it. Enjoy! Why is it beneficial and who is responsible? A study from Aon Hewitt analysed global trends in staff engagement […]

oscar di montigny

Foxwin Interviews: Oscar di Montigny

For our first Fox Interview, we thought of Oscar Di Montigny. At the Banca Mediolanum offices, Enrico Chiari discussed various topics with Oscar: the incredible time in which we live, fusing innovation and sustainability, spiritual education in businesses, the everlasting role of education, and a sense of gratitude. Challenging questions and powerful answers – 21st […]

managing excessive workload

How to Manage an Excessive Workload

In management sectors of business, we often find ourselves having to managing excessive workloads. This situation generates the understandable fear of the so-called boomerang effect. At times, we decide against a possible solution for our business, because we are afraid that the process needed will be too long and torturous. Too much perceived difficulty = […]


Has anyone thought of customers in the innovation process?

Here is a useful question to ask yourself to understand the difference between what is simply an idea and something that can instead turn into a process of innovation. “Innovation“, a term now so inflated that the reactions to it are brought to paroxysm, depending on the case, this term is transformed into a miraculous […]

What about the client in the innovation process?

Here’s a useful to question to ask yourself so you can understand the difference between what is simply an idea and what could be transformed into a process of innovation: “Innovation,” a term now so over-inflated that reactions to it reach a fever-pitch. Depending on the case, this term can turn into a miraculous mantra, […]

Coinvolgimento del pesonale

Employees engagement in continuous innovation

The employees engagement in business process improvement activities makes organizations more meritocratic and productive. Why is employee engagement so important? Companies that do not involve their employees in innovation activities risk facing three major problems: