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3 Opportunities which Foxwin Can Offer You

foxwin opportunities

Foxwin offers 3 opportunities to improve your business:


  1. Introducing innovation

In an ever-evolving world, it is difficult to remain competitive without changing. Customers’ needs change, as do the ideas of co-workers ready to grab new opportunities. Foxwin is the online platform designed to make ideas visible, select them and transform them into real projects for innovation and improvement.

Foxwin enables the collection of suggestions for new products or services to offer your clients, but so much more too… Have you ever considered how many great ideas your employees have? Finally, all their suggestions for improving process efficiency, product quality and safety at work can be analysed and implemented.


  1. Engaging Workers

Engaging workers is an essential action if you want to be successful, according to two studies. The Hay Group calculated that low levels of engagement reduce employee productivity. The second, by Aon Hewitt, sees employees as an opportunity. This research shows that businesses which encourage their workers’ enthusiasm for their work have a 58% increase in shareholder return!

Foxwin helps companies engage every worker in an ideas contest, aligning the whole organisation with continuous innovation. Engaging means enabling workers to reach their full potential and recognising their great results. With Foxwin, you will be able to motivate the entire company towards change.


  1. Saving Time

How many times have you had a great idea but not been able to realise it? Often, ideas for changing business processes because of the daunting approval process. Normally, an employee must talk with their boss, who must then talk to the departmental manager, who must in turn speak to other departments involved. This process is often broken off, discouraging everyone else from taking part in it.

Foxwin breaks down communication barriers, connecting the rights ideas with the right skills to implement them. If an idea is voted for by workers, it will be shown to the evaluation committee. This process allows only the best ideas and a specific team to become reality. The managers must only read these ideas and promote the improvement initiative.

Foxwin helps to solve 10 common problems in many businesses, want to know more?