3 opportunities that Foxwin offers


Foxwin offers 3 opportunities to improve your business:

1. Innovate your business

In an ever-changing world it is difficult to remain competitive without a renewal. The needs of consumers change, as do the ideas of your employees ready to seize new opportunities. Foxwin is the online platform designed to make these ideas visible, select them and turn them into concrete projects for innovation and improvement.

Foxwin allows you to gather suggestions on new products and services to offer to your customers, but not only … Have you ever thought about how many good ideas your employees have in their drawer? Finally all the suggestions to make the processes more efficient, improve the quality of the products and make the work environment safer will be analyzed and implemented.

2. Engaging collaborators

Involving your employees is a fundamental activity if you want to be successful, two studies says that. The first made by Hay Group calculates that low employee engagement halves their productivity. The other, by Aon Hewitt, sees employees as an opportunity. This research shows that companies that make their employees enthusiastic about their work have a higher return to shareholders of more than 58%!

Foxwin helps companies to involve all employees in a competition of ideas, aligning the whole organization towards continuous innovation. Involving means allowing workers to express their full potential by recognizing their results. With Foxwin you will succeed in motivating the whole company hierarchy towards change.

3. Save time

How many times did you happen to have a good idea but not to be able to realize it? Very often the ideas that would like to change business processes do not emerge because the process for their approval discourages. Normally an employee must speak with his supervisor, who in turn must speak with the manager of his department, and the latter in turn must speak with the colleague of the second department involved. This process is often interrupted, discouraging all others to take part.

Foxwin breaks down communication barriers, linking the right ideas with the right skills to achieve them. If the idea is voted by the colleagues then it becomes visible to the evaluation committee. This process makes it possible to bring out only the best ideas and the team suitable for their implementation. It will be enough for managers to read and sponsor the improvement initiative.

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