10 Problems which Foxwin Solves

Foxwin has developed a methodology and platform for enhancing and developing human capital in organisations and for finding solutions to problems. At last, ideas from co-workers won’t be wasted!

Indeed, Foxwin gives all team members the chance to submit their own ideas, overcoming hierarchical and logistical barriers and saving precious time while generating a process of continuous innovation to make the business more efficient, sustainable, and competitive.


Thanks to Foxwin, your staff will be able to solve 10 problems:

  1. Make processes more efficient

Operating staff know their processes inside out and thus are aware of potential improvements. Often, they aren’t able to make these improvements because the approval process is too long.

  1. Allow introverts to participate

Collaborators can use the platform to submit ideas for improvement anonymously, using a pre-set form. All users can vote for an idea and if and when it has been approved in this way, the author’s name will be published. In this way, contributors can be recognised for good ideas, and other ideas will disappear.

  1. Reduce approval time for projects

Published ideas are voted for and commented on by co-workers. A dedicated group, made up of leaders from the organisation, will only see the ideas with the most votes, and can approve them.

  1. Boost results of the initiatives

Approved ideas will be implemented by a team, which can include the idea’s creator and other staff who can apply through the platform. Initiatives born of personal interest are much more effective than those ordained from above!

  1. Engage workers

Creators are rewarded with financial awards or other incentives, thus boosting their satisfaction and creating a positive cycle of innovation within the organisation.


  1. Make innovations in products and services

The platform doesn’t just allow collaborators to contribute ideas for improving processes, but also new ideas for products and services. In this way, the organisation can transform into an innovative community.

  1. Make work a satisfying experience

Work becomes a satisfying experience when you are able to give your best. Fantastic qualities, which each individual has, like imagination, creativity, innovative capacity are very often not utilised to their full potential. Foxwin unlocks creative potential and generates dozens of innovations, making work an exciting experience.

  1. Improve working environment

People are becoming ever more aware of the impact their actions have on the environment. Consumers prefer to buy products from companies which respect the environment. Thanks to Foxwin, you will be able to collect lots of ideas on how to reduce everyone’s environmental impact.

  1. Improve product quality

Each year, businesses with ISO 9001 certification much review their improvement standards. Thanks to Foxwin, this activity is simple as the improvement ideas will already be visible on the platform, and many will have already been implemented. As such, improving product and process quality will be a continuous activity.

  1. Make work safer

Observations made by operating workers are essential for the RSPP (health and safety manager), given that their daily contact with operations being carried out significantly increases the risks to which they may be exposed. Foxwin allows everyone to post risks which they encounter and possible solutions. Security thus becomes a value and a task for the whole organisation.


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