10 Problems that Foxwin solves

Foxwin has developed a methodology and a platform to enhance the human capital of organizations and solve problems. Finally, the ideas of the employees will no longer be wasted!

Foxwin, in fact, allows all members of the company to submit their ideas, overcoming hierarchical and logistical barriers, saving precious time in order to generate a continuous innovation process that makes the company more efficient, sustainable and competitive.

Your collaborators, thanks to Foxwin, will be able to solve 10 problems:

  1. Making processes more efficient

    The operating staff knows perfectly the processes of which it is a part and also knows how to improve them. But often fails to make improvements because the approval process is too long.

  2. Allow introverts to participate

    Employees can submit their business improvement ideas to the platform anonymously, using a special form, and voted by all users. The author will only become visible to colleagues if his idea is approved. In this way, if the contribution is valid, the author will be recognized, otherwise his idea will disappear.

  3. Reduce project approval time

    The ideas published on the Foxwin platform will be voted on and commented by colleagues. A special commission, made up of managers within the company, displays only the most voted ideas and eventually approves them.

  4. Amplify the result of the initiatives

    The approved ideas are implemented by a team, which can include the author and also other people who can spontaneously nominate, always within the platform. Personal initiatives are much more effective than those imposed from above!

  5. Involving employees

    The authors are rewarded with economic awards or other incentives: this increases their satisfaction and creates a virtuous circle of innovation within the company.

  6. Innovate products and services

    The platform allows employees to contribute not only with process improvement ideas, but also with new ideas on products or services. In this way the organization will become an innovative community.

  7. Make work a satisfactory activity

    Work becomes a satisfying activity when a person is able to give the best of himself. Beautiful qualities, which every person has, like imagination, creativity and innovative ability very often are not exploited to their full potential. Foxwin releases people’s creative potential and generates dozens of innovations, making work an exciting activity.

  8. Improve the environmental impact

    People are increasingly sensitive to the impact their actions have on the environment. Consumers also prefer to buy products from companies that respect the environment. Thanks to Foxwin, you can gather many ideas on how to reduce the impact on the environment from your own collaborators.

  9. Improve the quality of products

    Every year ISO 9001 certified companies must review their standards for improvement. Thanks to Foxwin this activity will be simple because on the platform there will be already present improvement ideas, many of which will already be realized. Thus, improving the quality of products and processes will be a continuous activity.

  10. Make work safe

    The operators’ observations are fundamental for the Safety and Health management as their daily contact with the operations to be carried out considerably increases the coverage of the particular cases of risk to which they may be exposed. Foxwin allows everyone to publish the risks they incur and any solutions. Security thus becomes a value and a commitment for the whole organization.

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