Two fundamental and powerful actions (which we have forgotten): the search for a reason

Many companies and many people working in companies often forget two basic actions to change the results of their actions. In fact, we are mainly focused on numbers and so, in the uncertainty of market dynamics, we are concerned by the numbers: costs, revenues, variables, profits, investments, salaries, maturities, forecasts. But besides this, is there […]


Job satisfaction in Europe: objective and subjective factors

The following article aims to describe the ways in which: national political and economic factors, social aspects of internal company management and deeper individual work attitudes, contribute to the satisfaction of people in the workplace; and how job satisfaction in itself is an element that, if present, translates into quantifiable value for organizations

Organizzazioni Teal e Benefit Corporations

Teal organizations and Benefit Corporations

Do you know B-Corp and Teal organizations? In America both the Teal organizations and the B-Corp have already taken hold and, little by little, are also growing in Italy. According to Wikipedia, a Benefit corporation, or B-Corp, is: “A legal status admitted in some American states and in Italy as a Benefit Company, designed for […]


Has anyone thought of customers in the innovation process?

Here is a useful question to ask yourself to understand the difference between what is simply an idea and something that can instead turn into a process of innovation. “Innovation“, a term now so inflated that the reactions to it are brought to paroxysm, depending on the case, this term is transformed into a miraculous […]

Benessere del personale

When the well-being of the staff is transformed into value for the organization

Does corporate wellness really work? Benefits related to organizational well-being (otherwise known as welfare) have become an important tool to help businesses maximize their profits. Some of the results obtained are: reduced turnover, increased productivity and fewer accidents at work. Do you know how useful it is to invest in staff health?


ROI for Human Resources: how to measure the results of HR actions?

Why is staff involvement convenient? How to measure? Efficient management is always conditioned by good financial planning. Therefore, decisions relating to corporate investments must be based on detailed research that confirm the degree of benefit of the actions undertaken.